Malibu Rum is finding success using music festivals to bring its brand to life.

The Caribbean rum brand uses the festivals to engage consumers, gain brand advocates and support its summertime ethos, said Ashley Schachner, Pernod Ricard director of experiential marketing.

“Malibu Rum is about summer fun. We want to give consumers an enhanced summer experience that no other brand can provide.”

The brand this year will use the fests to promote its “101 Days of Summer” tagline.

Malibu Rum kicked off the music festival push in 2015 via a partnership with Live Nation and seven country music festivals. The brand has since diversified its portfolio with a mix of country music and pop fests.

Malibu plans to sponsor eight festivals this year beginning with the April 7-9 Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The brand will follow up the event with Stagecoach (Indio, Calif.); Hangout (Gulf Shores, Ala.); Neon Desert (El Paso, Texas); Firefly (Dover, Del.); Faster Horses (Brooklyn, Mich.); LouFest (St. Louis) and Route 91 Harvest (Las Vegas).

LouFest and Neon Desert are both new for 2017, said Schachner, who will use the latter festival to test engagement with Hispanic consumers.

Pernod Ricard picked the festivals based on several factors including their location in key markets (California, Florida, New York and Texas), brand alignment (festivals that take place on a beach, etc.), and feeder markets (Firefly draws attendees from Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania).

The spirits giant activates the festivals with the Malibu House, a Key West-inspired beach house where attendees can purchase cocktails made with Malibu Rum—and, in some cases, other beverages. Pernod Ricard works with festival concessionaries to determine what drinks are poured in the experiential buildout.

Pernod Ricard enhances the Malibu House experience with free Wi-Fi, Snapchat filters, photo booths and push notifications delivered via festival apps. For example, the company last year ran a one hour “Malibu Magic Hour” promotion that touted a signature pina colada cocktail in a branded coconut cup.

More than 75,000 people visited the Malibu House in 2016, said Schachner.

The idea for the Malibu House follows partnerships with Maroon 5, One Republic and other artists.

“We have played with tour and artist sponsorships in the past, which led us to the idea of a standalone Malibu experience,” said Jeffrey Moran, Pernod Ricard vice president of influencer engagement and marketing activation services.

Although Malibu Rum has moved away from major artist tie-ins, the brand continues to work with talent for the Malibu House.

“While we’re festival-forward, we have an open line item to bring in a local DJ or other talent.”

Moran and Schachner serve as an in-house activation resource for Pernod Ricard brands as part of the company’s influencer engagement and marketing services group.

Pernod Ricard also activates the festivals with sales promotions. The company this year will compliment a national consumer sweepstakes that dangles tickets to the Sep. 29-Oct. 1 Route 91 Harvest festival (among other prizes) with in-market ticket promotions around other sponsored fests.

The company will tout the festivals and promotional offer on point-of-sale displays and other marketing collateral.

“We’re thrilled our local marketing teams have embraced this as a marketing platform,” said Schachner.