While it may have lost MetroPCS as its title sponsor, the Dallas Marathon is finding success with a “less is more” packaging strategy.

The race organizer has posted a roughly 10 percent increase in sponsorship revenue over the past two years as a result of the strategy—a number it expects to grow to 14 percent once it secures a new title sponsor.

New sponsors of the Dec. 13 event include AT&T, Oscar insurance and Transamerica.

The strategy is spearheaded by Patrick Byerly, a sponsorship vet who joined the marathon as president in September 2013.

Below, four steps Byerly has taken to boost sponsorship revenue:

“Bigger, better, fewer” packaging strategy. Looking to provide sponsors more value, the Dallas Marathon has adopted a “less is more” packaging strategy. The marathon currently works with roughly 14 corporate partners, down from 30 in 2013.

“I want to make sure we give each sponsor maximum exposure. We don’t want them to get lost in a sea of logos.”

In addition providing more exposure, the strategy allows the marathon to work with each sponsor on activation programs that generate return on investment and return on objectives—which in turn helps boost sponsor retention.

“We want to deliver for each sponsor and help grow their business. We have increased investments but decreased the number of partners.” 

Tailored packages. As part of the “less is more” strategy the marathon has replaced gold, silver and bronze packages with offerings tailored to the needs of each sponsor.

“We don’t offer a blanket set of benefits. We put together each partnership from scratch.”

Year-round marketing platforms. Looking to extend reach beyond a single event, the marathon has launched a handful of ancillary running events, all of which are designed to provide sponsors year-round reach. 

The marathon uses the events to drive traffic to sponsor businesses. That includes monthly runs to local restaurants, retail stores and other sponsor locations. Each event draws between 150 and 400 participants.

The marathon does not charge an additional fee for the added exposure.

“One of the first things we communicate with each new sponsor is that as we grow, you grow. Each new sponsor becomes part of our organization.” 

Cross-promotions with local sports teams. As part of its year-round marketing strategy the Dallas Marathon has created a race series in collaboration with the Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas and Texas Rangers.

The RunDallas Race Series features one race each quarter, culminating with the Dallas Marathon in December. Runners who participate in all four races receive a special medal.

The marathon uses the running series in part to reach new audiences.

“A sports team may talk to someone who goes to the gym, but has never thought about running in a 5K. The race series helps make people more comfortable about approaching a marathon or half marathon.”