Soft drink makers have developed multiple ways to bring partnerships to life and maximize value by connecting sponsored properties and consumers in nontraditional ways, and extending reach across multiple passion points.

Common Goals: Pepsi and Beyoncẻ
PepsiCo’s $50 million global deal with Beyoncẻ surpasses a traditional endorsement deal/tour sponsorship/advertising campaign. The goal is a two-way partnership that supports multiple business objectives for each party. 

Case in point: Pepsi executives asked the artist about her motivations and business objectives in establishing a roadmap for the partnership. Those conversations resulted in a focus on original content that supports female empowerment.

Pepsi uses its marketing muscle to promote Beyoncẻ and her music. A TV spot that featured the song “Grown Woman” gained more than 50 million online views, 500 million Twitter impressions and helped to earn the attention of radio programmers.

Pepsi also premiered the “Grown Woman” video on

Common Goals: Pepsi and Beyoncẻ

Fusing Sport and Culture: Pepsi and the Live for Now Collection
Pepsi extended the reach of its 2014 “Art of Football” global soccer campaign through a mash-up of sport, street art and fashion culminating in Live for Now, a collection of street wear, accessories and electronics created in partnership with iconic and cutting-edge international designers.

The collection featured artwork from six street artists from around the world, including Zosen (Spain), Ever (Argentina) and Ricardo AKN (Brazil). Designers include B&O Play, Original Penguin by Munsingwear and Goodlife.

The products were sold online and at Bloomingdale’s in the U.S., Colete in Paris and Liberty in London.

Fusing Sport and Culture: Pepsi and the Live for Now Collection

Shared Interests: Burn And David Guetta
Looking to build its presence in the burgeoning world of electronic dance music, The Coca-Cola Co. partnered with French DJ David Guetta on behalf of Burn energy drink.

Similar to Pepsi’s partnership with Beyoncẻ, Coca-Cola and the artist leveraged each other’s strengths to extract maximum value from the relationship.

The partnership resulted in Nothing But The Beat, a Burn-produced movie that showcases Guetta’s rise from an underground house DJ to global superstar. The film was the largest piece of content ever produced by Coca-Cola.

Guetta promoted the film within the EDM industry, while Coca-Cola gained scale by leveraging relationships with movie theaters.

The content was a success: The film has been viewed 1.8 million times.

Shared Ambitions: Coke And Spotify

Shared Ambitions: Coke And Spotify
The Coca-Cola Co. in 2012 signed a global strategic partnership with Spotify to provide music fans around the world access to music.

The beverage company helps support Spotify’s global expansion by promoting the streaming music service on product packaging. The two companies in 2013 jointly launched the service in Mexico, an effort that resulted in Spotify becoming the number-one streaming music service in the country.

Coca-Cola and Spotify expanded the partnership this year with PlayLists, a location-based global app that consumers can use to share music.  

Coca-Cola also is a minority investor in Spotify, as part of its marketing venture program to build innovative relationships with start-ups that answer specific business needs and to incorporate fresh thinking, creativity and the ability to be nimble into Coca-Cola’s culture.