More than 100 U.S.-based companies spent more than $15 million on sponsorship in 2013, according to IEG’s annual spending analysis.

PepsiCo, Inc. remained the biggest sponsor, allocating about $350 million across its many beverage and snack brands, and outspending rival The Coca-Cola Co. by about $60 million. Much of that differential can be attributed to Gatorade’s near-nine-figure sports spend.

Nike, Inc. moved into the number-three position as it increased spending on college athletic programs and moved into its first full year as the NFL’s exclusive on-field apparel supplier. The sporting goods giant slipped by Anheuser-Busch InBev, which did not embark on any major new partnerships in 2013.

The ninth and tenth positions on the list also saw a sporting goods giant move past a brewer, as Adidas North America, Inc. slightly outspent MillerCoors LLC.

Unlike 2012, no company in the top 10 decreased spending last year. Eight sponsors grew their budgets, while two—MillerCoors and number five AT&T, Inc.—stayed at 2012 levels.

Microsoft Corp. broke into the top 20 rankings for the first time as it kicked off its five-year deal with the NFL. Microsoft moved from number 36 to number 17, while Target Corp., which held the line on spending, dropped out of the Top 20 to number 22.

Diageo North America, Inc. was the biggest mover among companies already on the list for the second year in a row, only this time its move reflected an increase in spending rather than a decrease. Having dropped to number 92 in 2012 after it ended its Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR deal, the spirits company rebounded to number 46 mostly on the heels of league-wide sponsorships with the NBA and NHL.

The Home Depot, Inc. dropped from number 32 to just out of the top 50 after it ended its naming rights deal with the MLS LA Galaxy and Chivas USA stadium in Carson, Calif., now known as StubHub Center.

Chrysler Group LLC dropped from number 39 to number 67 as it retreated from its NASCAR involvement, while Samsung Electronics America, Inc. was a big mover in the positive direction, going from number 93 to number 58 on the strength of a major deal with the NBA and other new partnerships.

The total list of top spenders grew by 10 companies in 2013, with 13 sponsors added and three dropping off.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. joined the rankings at number 35 thanks almost entirely to its eight-figure MLB partnership.

The dozen other newcomers are: Oracle Corp.; Marriott Int’l, Inc.; The Go Daddy Group, Inc.; Kellogg Co.; Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc.; New Era Cap Co.; BBVA Compass Bancshares Inc.; Burger King Worldwide, Inc.; U.S. Bancorp; Lucas Oil Products, Inc.; Great Clips, Inc.; and Nissan North America Inc.

The three companies leaving the ranks of big spenders were Office Depot, Inc.; The Sherwin Williams Co.; and Kraft Foods, Inc. The first two dropped NASCAR deals after 2012, while the latter spun off its North American grocery business into Kraft Foods Group, Inc. and renamed itself Mondelez Int’l, Inc. Neither Kraft Foods Group nor Mondelez spends more than $15 million a year on sponsorship.

The spending estimates for the companies on the list reflect amounts spent on sponsorship fees of U.S. properties and the portion of spending on international properties that is directed to the U.S. market.


Top U.S. Sponsors: Companies Spending More Than $15 Million

Amount Company 2013 Rank 2012 Rank
$350M-$355M PepsiCo, Inc. 1 1
$290M-$295M The Coca-Cola Co. 2 2
$260M-$265M Nike, Inc. 3 4
$255M-$260M Anheuser-Busch InBev 4 3
$175M-$180M AT&T, Inc. 5 5
General Motors Co. 6 6
$155M-$160M Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. 7 7
$145M-$150M Ford Motor Co. 8 8
$120M-$125M Adidas North America, Inc. 9 10
$115M-$120M MillerCoors LLC 10 9
$110M-$115M Verizon Communications, Inc. 11 11
$90M-$95M FedEx Corp. 12 12
$85M-$90M The Procter & Gamble Co. 13 13
$75M-$80M Bank of America Corp. 14 15
Sprint Nextel Corp. 15 14
$70M-$75M Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 16 16
Microsoft Corp. 17 36
$65M-$70M United Parcel Service 18 17
$60M-$65M Citigroup, Inc. 19 18
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. 20 20
State Farm Cos. 21 21
$55M-$60M Target Corp. 22 19
$50M-$55M Lowe’s Cos. 23 23
Visa 24 24
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC 25 22
$45M-$50M Shell Oil Co. 26 27
Wells Fargo & Co. 27 29
McDonald’s Corp. 28 26
Bridgestone Americas, Inc. 29 28
Mars, Inc. 30 25
$40M-$45M The Allstate Corp. 31 33
American Express Co. 32 30
Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. 33 31
$35M-$40M SAP America, Inc. 34 81
T-Mobile USA, Inc. 35
MasterCard Int’l, Inc. 36 43
BP America, Inc. 37 34
SIRIUS XM Radio, Inc. 38 37
American Honda Motor Co. 39 35
Yum! Brands, Inc. 40 38
$30M-$35M Comcast Corp. 41 45
Kia Motors America, Inc. 42 48
Unilever United States, Inc. 43 47
Under Armour, Inc. 44 51
Capital One Financial Corp. 45 42
Diageo North America, Inc. 46 92
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. 47 40
United Continental Holdings, Inc. 48 44
Nestlé USA, Inc. 49 55
3M Co. 50 41
The Home Depot, Inc. 51 32
$25M-$30M Hyundai Motor Co. 52 61
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 53 57
Barclays Bank PLC 54 60
Oracle Corp. 55
Time Warner Inc. 56 53
Zurich American Insurance Co. 57 58
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 58 93
Papa John’s Int’l, Inc. 59 65
MetLife, Inc. 60 59
Sunoco, Inc. 61 64
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 62 62
Exxon Mobil Corp. 63 50
General Mills, Inc. 64 54
American Airlines 65 49
BMW of North America, LLC 66 52
Chrysler Group LLC 67 39
$20M-$25M Bass Pro, Inc. 68 87
Marriott Int’l, Inc. 69
Aaron’s, Inc. 70 66
Hewlett-Packard Co. 71 63
IBM Corp. 72 72
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 73 77
The Hershey Co. 74 75
Chevron Corp. 75 71
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. 76 67
Subway Restaurants 77 68
Volkswagen AG 78 69
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 79 90
Red Bull North America, Inc. 80 73
$15M-$20M The Go Daddy Group, Inc. 81
Kellogg Co. 82
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. 83
New Era Cap Co. 84
BBVA Compass Bancshares Inc. 85
Burger King Worldwide, Inc. 86
Sony Corp. of America 87 94
InterContinental Hotels Group PLC 88 56
General Electric Co. 89 74
U.S. Bancorp 90
National Auto Parts Association 91 78
Caterpillar, Inc. 92 85
NRG Energy, Inc. 93 88
Discover Financial Services, Inc. 94 80
Lucas Oil Products, Inc. 95
Best Buy Co. 96 89
Great Clips, Inc. 97
Cisco Systems, Inc. 98 86
Nissan North America Inc. 99
Panasonic Corp. of North America 100 76
Dollar General Corp. 101 79
The Clorox Co. 102 83
Menard, Inc. 103 84


Top U.S. Sponsors: Companies Spending More Than $15 Million, Sorted By Category

Category Company 2013 Spending
Auto General Motors Co. $175M-$180M
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. $155M-$160M
Ford Motor Co. $145M-$150M
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC $50M-$55M
American Honda Motor Co. $35M-$40M
Kia Motors America, Inc. $30M-$35M
Hyundai Motor Co. $25M-$30M
BMW of North America, LLC $25M-$30M
Chrysler Group LLC $25M-$30M
Volkswagen AG $20M-$25M
Nissan North America Inc. $15M-$20M
Auto — Aftermarket Bridgestone Americas, Inc. $45M-$50M
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. $20M-$25M
Lucas Oil Products, Inc. $15M-$20M
Bank Bank of America Corp. $75M-$80M
Citigroup, Inc. $60M-$65M
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. $60M-$65M
Wells Fargo & Co. $45M-$50M
Capital One Financial Corp. $30M-$35M
Barclays Bank PLC $25M-$30M
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. $25M-$30M
BBVA Compass Bancshares Inc. $15M-$20M
U.S. Bancorp $15M-$20M
Beverages PepsiCo, Inc. $350M-$355M
The Coca-Cola Co. $290M-$295M
Anheuser-Busch InBev $255M-$260M
MillerCoors LLC $115M-$120M
Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. $40M-$45M
Diageo North America, Inc. $30M-$35M
Red Bull North America, Inc. $20M-$25M
Chemicals 3M Co. $30M-$35M
Cleaning Products The Clorox Co. $15M-$20M
Computer and Information Systems Microsoft Corp. $70M-$75M
SAP America, Inc. $35M-$40M
Oracle Corp. $25M-$30M
Hewlett-Packard Co. $20M-$25M
IBM Corp. $20M-$25M
Cisco Systems, Inc. $15M-$20M
Consumer Electronics Samsung Electronics America, Inc. $25M-$30M
Sony Corp. of America $15M-$20M
General Electric Co. $15M-$20M
Panasonic Corp. of North America $15M-$20M
Credit Card Visa $50M-$55M
American Express Co. $40M-$45M
MasterCard Int’l, Inc. $35M-$40M
Discover Financial Services, Inc. $15M-$20M
Food Mars, Inc. $45M-$50M
Nestlé USA, Inc. $30M-$35M
General Mills, Inc. $25M-$30M
The Hershey Co. $20M-$25M
Kellogg Co. $15M-$20M
Fuel Shell Oil Co. $45M-$50M
BP America, Inc. $35M-$40M
Sunoco, Inc. $25M-$30M
Exxon Mobil Corp. $25M-$30M
Chevron Corp. $20M-$25M
Heavy Equipment Caterpillar, Inc. $15M-$20M
Insurance Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. $70M-$75M
State Farm Cos. $60M-$65M
The Allstate Corp. $40M-$45M
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. $30M-$35M
Zurich American Insurance Co. $25M-$30M
MetLife, Inc. $25M-$30M
Mail and Shipping FedEx Corp. $90M-$95M
United Parcel Service $65M-$70M
Media SIRIUS XM Radio, Inc. $35M-$40M
Comcast Corp. $30M-$35M
Time Warner Inc. $25M-$30M
Online Services The Go Daddy Group, Inc. $15M-$20M
Personal Care The Procter & Gamble Co. $85M-$90M
Unilever United States, Inc. $30M-$35M
QSR McDonald’s Corp. $45M-$50M
Yum! Brands, Inc. $35M-$40M
Papa John’s Int’l, Inc. $25M-$30M
Subway Restaurants $20M-$25M
Burger King Worldwide, Inc. $15M-$20M
Retail Target Corp. $55M-$60M
Lowe’s Cos. $50M-$55M
The Home Depot, Inc. $30M-$35M
Bass Pro, Inc. $20M-$25M
Aaron’s, Inc. $20M-$25M
National Auto Parts Association $15M-$20M
Best Buy Co. $15M-$20M
Dollar General Corp. $15M-$20M
Menard, Inc. $15M-$20M
Services Great Clips, Inc. $15M-$20M
Sport Apparel Nike, Inc. $255M-$260M
Adidas North America, Inc. $115M-$120M
Under Armour, Inc. $30M-$35M
New Era Cap Co. $15M-$20M
Telecom AT&T, Inc. $175M-$180M
Verizon Communications, Inc. $110M-$115M
Sprint Nextel Corp. $75M-$80M
T-Mobile USA, Inc. $35M-$40M
Tools Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. $20M-$25M
Travel United Continental Holdings, Inc. $30M-$35M
Delta Air Lines, Inc. $25M-$30M
American Airlines $25M-$30M
Marriott Int’l, Inc. $20M-$25M
Enterprise Holdings, Inc. $20M-$25M
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. $15M-$20M
InterContinental Hotels Group PLC $15M-$20M
Utilities & Power NRG Energy, Inc. $15M-$20M