When prospecting potential partners, sellers need to consider a number of factors ranging from brand fit to audience alignment.

One commonly overlooked but increasingly important factor: sales seasonality.

Properties can improve their close rates by targeting companies and categories whose key sales periods overlap the timing of their event or series during the calendar year.

Case in point: Pest control companies frequently look for promotional platforms that take place in the spring, a time when their service is in demand.  

MosquitoNix will sponsor next month’s HP Byron Nelson Championship PGA Tour event in Irving, Texas to promote its service during the onset of the mosquito season.

Two other examples: The Scott Company activates its sponsorship of Major League Baseball by promoting grass seed in the spring and fertilizer in the fall, while York leverages the National Hockey League by promoting heating services in the winter and cooling systems in the spring.

“When you’re a sponsorship seller, you look for any strategic angle that can justify an investment in your property. Demonstrating sales relevancy is a good differentiator from other properties,” said Kevin Adler, president of Engage Marketing, an agency that represents both sponsorship buyers and sellers.