Valuation Next

Now more than ever, buyers and sellers of sponsorship need to fully understand the value of their strategic partnerships. An industry overly reliant on signage and presence at live sports and entertainment events is undergoing a seismic shift and demanding unbiased intelligence and counsel grounded in facts. IEG, the sponsorship authority and original pioneer in sponsorship value measurement, is now taking a bold step forward with Valuation Next. 
 After months of development, IEG is unveiling Valuation Next, a modern approach to valuing sponsorship offerings. It will address changes in the sponsorship marketplace and meet the needs of properties and brands that are making important decisions about sponsorship acquisition, sales, negotiations and activation. 
“Valuation Next is a significant and necessary evolution for the sponsorship industry,” said Peter Laatz, Global Managing Director, IEG. “The current pandemic and its result on limiting exposure for sponsors only underscores the importance and benefits of the Valuation Next approach we have spent months building and testing.”
Designed to be simple, transparent and useful, IEG’s Valuation Next is much more than a fair market value audit of sponsorship assets. A greater emphasis is placed on the premium of association and other important variables that influence consumer behavior and distinguish sponsorship from traditional advertising. Valuation Next also goes a step further with qualitative narratives to assist in sales storytelling and building business cases around partnership.
Valuation Next gives sponsorship decision makers:
  • Data to drive decisions with three distinct value breakouts of sponsorship assets, use of likeness and exclusivity.
  • Qualitative context to inform sponsorship negotiation and optimization that considers unique business opportunities, the competitive landscape and alignment with marketing priorities.
  • Speed and flexibility through quicker turnaround times and customized reporting formats based on organizational preferences.
IEG is now providing Valuation Next as a standalone service and in conjunction with consulting engagements for brands and all property sectors including sports and entertainment, museums, zoos, performing arts centers, festivals and social causes. To learn more, contact us at