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Sponsorship.com is owned and operated by ESP Properties, LLC.  ESP Properties has been in business since 1982 and is widely considered the definitive source for sponsorship information.

During use of the Sponsorship.com website, you may be requested to provide information to the operators of Sponsorship.com, some of which may be personally identifiable. This information may be collected via Web-based forms or traditional methods such as phone, fax and mail. Types of information that may be collected include contact information, purchasing information, payment information, etc.

Our web servers will record information about your use of the Sponsorship.com website automatically. This information includes pages viewed and IP addresses of computers used to access the site. This usage information may be linked to personally identifiable information such as your login ID. This linked information may then be used to present targeted advertisements on Sponsorship.com. This information will also be used to perform aggregate data analysis and abuse detection. This information will not be provided to third parties except in an aggregate, non-personally-identifiable form.

Some products and services provided through Sponsorship.com may require you to submit information about yourself. These submissions may be subject to separate rules regarding sharing of your information. For example, contact information supplied during registration for an ESP Properties event is typically published in printed and/or electronic form for other attendees of the event, advertisers and others who purchase the materials from the event. This is only an example. Please be aware of these exceptions to our privacy policy. Links to specific privacy policies for review prior to submission of your information will be available from web-based forms that request such information.

Some products and services provided through Sponsorship.com will collect information of a highly confidential nature. This information could include strategic and/or financial information about you or the organization(s) that you represent and which you are submitting via Sponsorship.com for the purposes of utilizing a product or service that will process, analyze, sort, store or handle the information on your behalf. In such cases, a more specific privacy policy will be accessible using a link from the web-based form that requests the information. These specific privacy policies will provide more information on the usage and storage of your information. Such information is not made available to third parties in an individually identifiable form unless restrictions upon use of the information is equal to or greater than the uses identified herein.

Certain functions of the Sponsorship.com website will attempt to store a cookie on your machine. Many of these functions will not operate if the cookie is not accepted. A cookie stores information that allows our site to identify your computer during a visit or upon revisiting the site or whilst using a feature of the site that requires state persistence. Cookies stored on your machine will not contain personally identifiable information. Cookies will be used in conjunction with login information to access personally identifiable information. Only through knowledge of the contents of a cookie stored on your computer and the username and password associated with that cookie would a person be able to view your personally identifiable information.

Specific features of Sponsorship.com request information about people other than you. Such information is collected to allow you to refer others to our site or to send information from our site to others. This information is used solely for providing the inherent functionality of such a feature and will not be used for any other purposes or shared with third parties unless such information is subject to an alternative privacy policy that is noted on the collecting page.

The information that is collected from you may be used for building a profile of you and your interests for the purposes of fulfilling orders, improving the site’s features and content, building user-specific usage and marketing profiles and aggregate usage and marketing profiles. Personally identifiable information on usage of Sponsorship.com will not be resold, shared or given to third parties for their use. We may share information that we collect about you with third parties for the processing, analyzing, sorting, storing or other handling of such information for purposes such as fulfilling marketing efforts and/or product orders on our behalf. Such sharing of information will be on a confidential basis and no third party will be allowed to retain the information, share the information with others or use it for their own purposes, nor will such sharing of information be for the purposes of generating a profile of your activity across websites not owned or under the control of ESP Properties. We may share aggregated information on our users and user activity with our marketing partners and advertisers. We may share personally identifiable information with our partners for the purpose of providing specific services. This information may be retained by our partner beyond the term of our partnership.

Information collected about you and your use of the site may be used as a means to identify violators of the Terms and Conditions of Use for Sponsorship.com.

The owners and operators of Sponsorship.com will use reasonable means to secure information collected from you from unauthorized viewing. Unauthorized viewing is considered the viewing of your information by persons other than those that are employed by or under contract of the owners and operators of Sponsorship.com or their agents and/or successors. Such means currently include the use of secure transmission protocols, password protected databases, cookie/login pairing verification and maintenance of the software used to manage or execute the handling and storage of information that you provide.

The information that you provide may be updated and/or corrected through the My Account feature of the Sponsorship.com website. Access to this feature requires knowledge of the username and password associated with the information.

In the event that ESP Properties, and/or Sponsorship.com is dissolved, sold or incorporated into another organization, information that we have collected about you may be transferred in whole or in part to such purchasing or merged entity or, in the case of dissolution, to the highest bidder for such information.

We may use your information to send informational and marketing pieces to you via all methods of contact. Such pieces will be addressed from us. These pieces may include information of general or specific interest to you, solicitations to purchase products and services, or communications from other users of Sponsorship.com. You may remove yourself from our mailing lists by visiting www.sponsorship.com/Opt-Out.aspx, contacting us at permission@sponsorship.com or by calling 312/725-5100. Please specify which methods that you would rather not be contacted via and which pieces, if not all, that you wish to stop receiving. Discontinuing the receiving of marketing pieces from us will require the unregistration of any associated user accounts on Sponsorship.com Specific services offered through Sponsorship.com may have alternative methods, which augment the above method, for the removal of information provided by you or for removal from subscription services. Such additional methods will be clearly stated during the use of those services.

Telephone calls may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

ESP Properties, LLC reserves the right to modify this policy without notice. However modifications to the policy will apply only to information received following the modification or to previously collected information to which the provider agrees to be bound by the new policy. Following a change to the privacy policy, a link to the revised policy will be available in the left navigation area of Sponsorship.com.

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