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Today, the traditional sponsorship model is broken. We live in a $60 billion industry with fractured consumer attention yet remain hyper-connected. Less than one percent of spend measures accountability and the metrics aren’t consistent. It’s almost impossible for anyone to claim a meaningful investment.

How do you navigate this challenging landscape? By turning to IEG, the authority on sponsorship. With nearly 40 years of experience, IEG operates as a trusted partner, delivering proprietary market intelligence, thought leadership and strategic counsel that empowers our clients to make meaningful sponsorship decisions.

Following is a brief summary of our services and resources.

Valuation Services

Two decades ago, IEG pioneered the sponsorship valuation model and today, its proprietary methodology is considered the industry standard. The model has been deployed across 3,000+ partnership opportunities to evaluate more than $5 billion in sponsorship rights fees.

Clients trust IEG to meaningfully assess sponsorships and deliver a more complete viewpoint. This includes evaluating quantifiable elements, such as media integration and customer engagement, as well as intangibles like emotional resonance and audience loyalty.

These comprehensive insights enable IEG to analyze sponsorship rights at every level.

IEG Industry Events & Insights

Annually, IEG hosts the industry’s leading sponsorship conference. For more than four decades, IEG’s conference has united industry leaders across sports, arts, entertainment and cause-related events to discuss the state of sponsorship.

In addition, IEG hosts year-round symposiums focused on the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the sponsorship industry. The exclusive events generate actionable insights that inspire new thinking and enable brands and rightsholders to capture a competitive advantage.

Sponsorship Intelligence Database

IEG delivers critical market insights that power new partnerships and secure sponsorship renewals.

Through the IEG Sponsorship Intelligence Database (SID), clients receive access to the industry’s most comprehensive resource. The SID tracks global sponsorship activity across sports, entertainment, cause marketing and the public sector and includes:

  • Current marketable assets and key sponsorship categories
  • Trends for brands to optimize value
  • Opportunities for rightsholders to uncover new revenue sources

Sales Strategy and Commercial Targeting for Properties

IEG advises rightsholders on the best approach to grow the value of their corporate sponsorship programs through a full range of services. The company’s consulting services team focuses on sponsorship architecture and management, packaging and asset optimization, along with valuation, measurement, targeting and prospecting.

  • 360° Discovery and Asset Assessment: Identifying and categorizing all of the property’s audiences, engagement points and commercial benefits that can be offered to sponsors
  • Landscape and Competitive Analysis: Researching comparable properties and the competitive sponsorship landscape to apply best practices and inform sponsorship strategy
  • Asset Optimization and Packaging Framework: Building partnership structure – through asset optimization and creation – in a way that maximizes revenue for properties and value for brands
  • Pricing and Revenue Modeling: Establishing pricing and revenue projections based on IEG’s valuation methodology and marketplace intelligence
  • Targeting and Prospecting: Identifying the optimal sponsorship categories and brands to target
  • Implementation and Go-to-Market: Counseling the property on the internal organizational infrastructure and resources necessary to implement a partnership strategy, as well as providing strategic recommendations to secure sponsors

Sponsorship Investment & Measurement Strategies for Brands

Brands trust IEG’s process to shape their sponsorship approach by aligning sponsorship objectives with business goals. This includes customized evaluation, performance and selection models that allow clients to clearly define success and evaluate ROI, including.

  • Enterprise-wide sponsorship strategy and implementation
  • Evaluation of individual opportunities per property, event or venue
  • Ongoing counsel to navigate sponsorship challenges

IEG leverages internal and third-party data to map resultant findings against a client’s KPIs to deliver meaningful and actionable insights. The company’s flexible model and unmatched knowledge powers longstanding and deep client relationships.

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