For more than 30 years IEG has provided a unique perspective on partnerships, sponsorships, audience engagement and new revenue sources for rightsholders and brands. We continue to shape the industry—defining what’s next, identifying trends and discovering new paths to success through our website, our annual conference, trend reports and surveys.


How They Work - IEG Online Training

How They Work

IEG's Online Training is a Web-site enabled seminar that uses your computer's Web-site browser to display slide presentations and your telephone to provide audio. more

Subscribers Only - Sponsorship Report

Subscribers Only

IEG’s Sponsorship Report also allows you to get regional and category-specific news and analysis, interviews with leading sponsorship professionals, and access to an online database plus you will receive an IEG Sponsorship Report Subscribers Only Quarterly. more

 Money-back Guarantee - IEG Sponsorship Report


If you are not happy with IEG’s Sponsorship Report we’ll refund your remaining subscription with no questions asked. more

 Current Subscribers - IEG Sponsorship Report

Current Subscribers

Some of today’s top marketing executives to industry professionals turn to IEG’s Sponsorship Report to get the most up-to-date sponsorship information. more

Ask An Editor - IEG Sponsorship Report

Ask an Editor

While using IEG's Sponsorship Report you can submit feedback, submit a story or ask an editor questions. more

Advertise -  IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook


IEG’s Sourcebook is the who’s who of sponsorship resource information. This is the only book of its kind that provides thousands of resources from every aspect of sponsorship from the sponsors to the properties to the agencies and suppliers. more

 Benefits - IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook


IEG’s Sponsorship Sourcebook gives you an inside track on sponsorship and connects you to the precise people you need to land a successful deal immediately. more

What’s Inside - IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook

What's Inside

Inside IEG’s Sourcebook you will find the exact resources you are looking for. The sponsorship opportunities are right at your fingertips, and are quick and easy to find. more

 Get Listed - IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook

Get Listed

IEG’s Sourcebook is where thousands of sponsors and marketing executives go to identify targeted sponsorship opportunities, which means your listing will be seen by the right people. more

 ROS: Return On Sponsorship
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