Even deals that are largely the domain of college athletic departments are increasingly working their way across campus.

Kroger., for example, gains status as official fuel partner of the University of Kentucky and official grocery partner of Move-In as part of its new naming rights agreement with Commonwealth Stadium, now Kroger Field.

In addition, Adidas this month expanded its partnership with Arizona State University in a groundbreaking deal that centers on the Global Sports Alliance, a new cross-campus initiative aimed at exploring sport’s impact on society.

The initiative seeks to connect “students, faculty, employees, researchers, engineers and a global network of thought leaders and partners to develop and exchange ideas, undertake joint inquiries and research, inspire people to act on key findings and transform ideas into reality in measurable ways,” per a release announcing the new partnership.

In 2016, Ohio State University announced a 15-year contact extension with Nike that invests in student-athletes as well as the broader student body.

“We approached this as a university contract, not one that’s purely focused on athletics,” said Gene Smith, Ohio State University vice president, in a statement. “Under this partnership, every student—whether they play club sports, Division 1 sports or no sports at all—will be eligible to benefit.”

Below, a breakdown of Nike’s contract extension with Ohio State University.


  • Guaranteed cash and products: Nearly $215 million
  • Total value, all terms & benefits: $252 million (average of $16.8 million a year)
  • Upfront support: $22.5 million in cash and $5 million in product
  • Commitments beyond athletics: More than $41 million
    • Support for student-focused initiatives (outside of athletics)
      • $15 million in cash
      • $8.5 million in product
    • Scholarships: $2.5 million for financial aid endowment
    • Internships: Ninety over life of contract (two per year for student-athletes, four per year for non-athletes)
    • Marketing for university community events: $15 million

Full Summary Of Terms

  • New term: Through July 31, 2033
  • Total value: $252 million (average of $16.8 million a year)
    • Cash: $116 million, including expected royalty income based on university trends ($103 million guaranteed)
    • Product: $112 million
    • Marketing for university community events: $15 million
    • Internships: Ninety over life of contract (two per year for student-athletes, four per year for non-athletes), valued at $1.5 million
    • Additional value: $8 million in estimated value through earnings and other benefits of upfront payments
  • Discounted products: Special pricing for recreational sports, club sports, student engagement activities and other programs for Ohio State-branded products purchased through a Nike team dealer.