The ongoing evolution in the health care industry continues to create new sponsorship opportunities for nearly every type of property.

And a growing number of sponsorships are coming from nontraditional companies.

Orig3n is sponsoring pro sports teams, music festivals, endurance sports and nearly every other type of property to support its goal of creating the world’s largest, most diverse stem cell repository.

The two-year-old biotechnology company hopes to accomplish that goal by crowdsourcing blood from event attendees.

Recent deals include the NFL San Francisco 49ers and the Euphoria, Riverbend and SunFest music festivals.

The ties build on a portfolio that includes official and/or vendor status at endurance sports events (Boston Marathon, Crescent City Classic, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, etc.); motorsports races (Duck Commander 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, etc.) and the Wizard World Comic Con series.

The company also served as the official personal health sponsor of last weekend’s Bay to Breakers footrace, an event it has sponsored for the past two years.

Orig3n looks to engage consumers in two ways at events, according to a document distributed to rightsholders.

Help advance medicine and science. Consumers can contribute a half teaspoon of blood to advance medical research and treatments for genetically inherited diseases.

Scientists will use the blood samples to generate induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which will in turn be used to create human body tissues.

Orig3n will use the cells to test drugs for efficacy, screen medications for toxicity and measure response to gene therapy, among other applications.

Promote fee-based services. In addition to advancing medical research, Orig3n is using sponsorship to promote the following products:

  • LifeCapsule. The membership service allows consumers to store immortalized pluripotent stem cells in Orig3n’s cell biorepository. Customers can access the iPSCs for future personalized medicine applications.
  • LifeProfile. Orig3n is using its on-site footprint to promote three genomic assessment services:
    • FitCode: A report that analyzes 28 genes related to six fitness attributes: exercise recovery, power performance, muscle strength, endurance, metabolism and joint health.
    • Aura: A report that provides insights into skin health including elasticity, hydration and UV sensitivity.
    • How Superhero Are You? A genetic assessment “developed in the spirt of Comic Con” that allows consumers to see what their superhero strength might be. The report analyzes three attributes: speed, strength and intelligence.

While the uniqueness of Orig3n and on-site blood draws may raise a few eyebrows, every property contacted by IEG SR gave the company a positive review.

“They were fantastic to work with. People were saying they needed to donate blood to a great cause,” said Megan Paty, SunFest sponsorship manager. Orig3n reached its blood donation target by the fourth day of the five-day event, she said.

Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival contacted the Boston Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon for references prior to signing a deal. Orig3n has a vendor presence at the two events.

“They both gave them glowing endorsements,” said Mickey McCamish, Riverbend Festival director of sponsorships.

Other companies in the direct-to-consumer genetic testing category include 23andMe, FitnessGenes, DNAFit and Nutrigenomix.