Below, Riverbend director of sales Karen Shostak shares a blueprint for developing a customer rewards program.

Develop the look and feel of the program

  • Make offers clear to members

Determine plan and strategy

  • Promo schedule (TV, radio, print, web, social media, constant contact)
  • Create “hit list”: who best fits the profile of a rewards partner
  • Contacting phase
  • Sign-up timeframe and how to sign up

Effective member sign-up
Hints on developing database:

  • Boost initial membership as benefit to volunteer incentive plan
  • Offer program benefit to corporations that purchase bulk admission

Create list of potential sponsors to make program a must-have

  • Attractions
  • Lodging
  • Restaurants
  • Golf courses
  • Services
  • Sporting events
  • Partners that need additional promotion
  • Offer program to existing partners as an added-value benefit