In case anyone needed further proof that the sponsorship marketplace experienced severe contraction last year, IEG’s annual ranking of the largest U.S. based sponsors lays any doubt to rest.

Only 10 out of 70 sponsors that spent more than $15 million in ’08 increased budgets in ’09. That proportion—14 percent—is exactly the same as the number of all sponsors who said they would raise spending in the IEG/Performance Research Decision-maker Survey conducted in February of ’09.

Among the top 20 sponsors, only two—Nike, Inc. and The Procter & Gamble Co.—expanded their sponsorship budgets last year, the latter signing major deals with the NFL and USOC.

Another 19 of the largest spending companies—26 percent—maintained sponsorship spending at the ’08 level, while 41 companies—59 percent—cut their budgets last year.

Not surprisingly, no new companies joined the $15-million-plus ranks in ’09. The list shrank by five companies to 66, in one case due to a merger. Alltel Corp. (number 38 on the ’08 list) is now part of Verizon Communications, Inc., helping that company rise from number 32 to number 17.

Conversely, four companies’ spending fell below the $15 million minimum threshold: ADT Security Services, Inc. (formerly number 62); Johnson & Johnson (the former number 65 that ended its Olympic association with the Beijing Games and the USOC); Sharp Electronics Corp. (formerly number 66 and poised to spend even less this year if it does not renew its MLB sponsorship); and Ashland Inc., (former number 68) which reduced motorsports spending for its Valvoline brand.

PepsiCo, Inc.—home to Pepsi, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Aquafina and SoBe beverages, along with Frito-Lay snacks—remained in the top spot, ahead of archrival The Coca-Cola Co.

Coke spends just slightly more than Nike, which leapfrogged former number three General Motors Co. (now number five) and number four Anheuser-Busch Cos., where spending declined, but not by the draconian amounts some projected when the brewer became part of Leuven, Belgium-based Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV.

The spending estimates for the companies on the list reflect amounts spent on sponsorship fees of U.S. properties and the portion of spending on international properties that is directed to the U.S. market.

Top U.S. Sponsors: Companies Spending More Than $15 Million
Amount Company 2009 Rank 2008 Rank
$330M-$335M PepsiCo, Inc. 1 1
$240M-$245M The Coca-Cola Co. 2 2
$235M-$240M Nike, Inc. 3 5
$205M-$210M Anheuser-Busch Cos. 4 4
$180M-$185M General Motors Co. 5 3
$175M-$180M AT&T Inc. 6 6
$150M-$155M MillerCoors LLC 7 8
$140M-$145M Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. 8 7
$125M-$130M Ford Motor Co. 9 9
$120M-$125M Adidas North America, Inc. 10 10
$110M-$115M Sprint Nextel Corp. 11 11
$95M-$100M Bank of America Corp. 12 12
$80M-$85M The Procter & Gamble Co. 13 16
$70M-$75M The Home Depot, Inc. 14 13
$65M-$70M FedEx Corp. 15 14
$55M-$60M State Farm Cos. 16 20
Verizon Communications, Inc. 17 32
$50M-$55M Chrysler Group LLC 18 15
Motorola, Inc. 19 17
Mars, Inc. 20 23
$45M-$50M Lowe’s Cos. 21 21
$40M-$45M Citigroup Inc. 22 18
Wells Fargo & Co. 23 19
Sirius XM Radio Inc. 24 22
United Parcel Service 25 35
$35M-$40M Target Corp. 26 29
Shell Oil Co. 27 33
Bridgestone Americas, Inc. 28 36
$30M-$35M Visa 29 30
McDonald’s Corp. 30 49
Nestlé USA, Inc. 31 24
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. 32 34
Time Warner Inc. 33 27
Diageo North America, Inc. 34 44
Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. 35 45
The Allstate Corp. 36 46
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. 37 48
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 38 57
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC 39 37
$25M-$30M MasterCard Int’l, Inc. 40 31
Canon U.S.A., Inc. 41 25
American Honda Motor Co. 42 28
American Express Co. 43 40
Exxon Mobil Corp. 44 47
Yum! Brands, Inc. 45 43
General Mills, Inc. 46 60
Sears Holdings Corp. 47 54
Office Depot, Inc. 48 55
DuPont Co. 49 59
American Airlines 50 41
$20M-$25M Chevron Corp. 51 26
Eastman Kodak Co. 52 39
Sony Corp. of America 53 42
Kellogg Co. 54 50
Microsoft Corp. 55 51
Red Bull North America, Inc. 56 53
Unilever United States, Inc. 57 69
Sunoco, Inc. 58 56
IBM Corp. 59 58
Hewlett-Packard Co. 60 61
Best Buy Co. 61 63
Brown-Forman Corp. 62 64
$15M-$20M Samsung Electronics America, Inc. 63 52
BP America, Inc. 64 67
Black & Decker Corp. 65 70
BMW of North America, LLC 66 71

Top U.S. Sponsors: Companies Spending More Than $15 Million, Sorted by Category
Category Company 2009 Spending
Automotive General Motors Co. $180M-$185M
Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. $140M-$145M
Ford Motor Co. $125M-$130M
Chrysler Group LLC $50M-$55M
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC $30M-$35M
American Honda Motor Co. $25M-$30M
BMW of North America, LLC $15M-$20M
Bank Bank of America Corp. $95M-$100M
Citigroup Inc. $40M-$45M
Wells Fargo & Co. $40M-$45M
J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. $30M-$35M
Beverage PepsiCo, Inc. $330M-$335M
The Coca-Cola Co. $240M-$245M
Anheuser-Busch Cos. $205M-$210M
MillerCoors LLC $150M-$155M
Diageo North America, Inc. $30M-$35M
Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. $30M-$35M
Red Bull North America, Inc. $20M-$25M
Brown-Forman Corp. $20M-$25M
Consumer Electronics Canon U.S.A., Inc. $25M-$30M
Sony Corp. of America $20M-$25M
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. $15M-$20M
Credit Card Visa $30M-$35M
MasterCard Int’l, Inc. $25M-$30M
American Express Co. $25M-$30M
Food Mars, Inc. $50M-$55M
Nestlé USA, Inc. $30M-$35M
General Mills, Inc. $25M-$30M
Kellogg Co. $20M-$25M
Fuel Shell Oil Co. $35M-$40M
Exxon Mobil Corp. $25M-$30M
Chevron Corp. $20M-$25M
Sunoco, Inc. $20M-$25M
BP America, Inc. $15M-$20M
Insurance State Farm Cos. $55M-$60M
The Allstate Corp. $30M-$35M
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. $30M-$35M
Personal Care The Procter & Gamble Co. $80M-$85M
Unilever United States, Inc. $20M-$25M
Retail The Home Depot, Inc. $70M-$75M
Lowe’s Cos. $45M-$50M
Target Corp. $35M-$40M
Sears Holdings Corp. $25M-$30M
Office Depot, Inc. $25M-$30M
Best Buy Co. $20M-$25M
Telecommunications AT&T Inc. $175M-$180M
Sprint Nextel Corp. $110M-$115M
Verizon Communications, Inc. $55M-$60M
Motorola, Inc. $50M-$55M