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Pre-Conference Workshop

Sunday, April 8, 2018, 1 — 4pm
Sheraton Grand Chicago
$499; $299 for Go Deep attendees

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Deep Dive: How You Can Offer the New Solutions Brand Partners Need

Identifying, securing and renewing sponsors is more challenging today than ever, with current and potential partners seeking new rights, benefits and customized marketing solutions. At the top of the list is data- and content-driven engagement with your audience. Understanding what brands require in this changed marketplace, and how your property—whether a sports, cause, cultural, entertainment or membership organization—can offer truly valuable ways to meet their objectives, will allow you to creating enduring partnerships and reap the far greater rewards that come with them.

What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do about Data1 – 2pm

Rightsholders able to organize and connect their customer data offer sponsors personalization that changes the conversation from who has the biggest numbers to who can deliver the deepest insights and drive the most actionable results.

  • Accessing your owned audience data for optimal partner use
  • Third-party data that completes the picture
  • Understanding your partners’ market segmentation

What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do about Digital Content & Media2 – 3pm

The right content in the right places can reach and grow your audience, as well as provide brand partners with valuable ways to interact with fans and followers, and learn valuable insights into their passion points, behavior and more.

  • Establishing what’s required for your organization to become a content creator
  • Prioritizing where and how to distribute content
  • Determining which content and media rights should you keep versus sharing with partners?

Break3 – 3:30pm

Putting It All Together for Partnership Sales & Strategies3:30 – 4pm

Successfully securing partnership revenue is a combination of how you sell—taking full advantage of new technology, having the right skill sets, etc.—in addition to what you sell—tailored business solutions that include new assets, rights and benefits, and integrated access to your audience.

  • Using data-driven insights to best tell your story in the sales process
  • Offering targeted, personalized multi-channel activation opportunities
  • Leveraging data and digital to build value and help partners measure return on their investment

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Led by senior executives and subject matter experts from ESP Properties

Richard Hampson
Richard Hampson, Co-Head of Consulting, ESP Properties

Richard co-leads the consulting practice and is jointly responsible for the overall strategic direction, commercial performance and growth of the business.

Andy Thwaite
Andy Thwaite, Vice President, Digital Strategy, ESP Properties

Andy is an experienced sports marketing and media executive, delivering business growth for leading rightsholders, media organizations and brands.

Nate Walsh
Nate Walsh, Vice President, Client Leadership, ESP Properties

Nate has spent over 12 years in the Sports Marketing industry, advising both brands and rightsholders on maximizing the value of IP, live event rights and sponsorship assets.

Ryan Fagen
Ryan Fagan, Manager, Sales, ESP Properties

Ryan has worked with a number of elite rightsholders, leading sponsorship sales conversations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.