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BACKBEAT: Sponsorship Experts Discuss Touring Deals @Music & Advertising, September 16, 2010

By Lou Carlozo

A panel of sponsorship experts discussed the vital role that brand partners play in providing artists with touring dollars today at the Music & Advertising conference in Chicago. Creative Artists Agency sponsorship agent Laura Hutfless recalled how she secured a multiplatform branding deal for country star Martina McBride with Sunny D. “I went directly to Sunny D and pitched a campaign to them,” she said. “It was going in with a specific plan, from tour to print to TV and selling it that way. If you do the work for them, they’re more likely to partner with you.”

“For people seeking sponsorships, go where the companies are spending money, from the telecommunications companies to the beverage companies. The spirits and energy beverage categories are hot, as are camera companies.” — William Chipps, senior editor, IEG Sponsorship Report.

“We often say no to sponsors because they don't fit in with the ethos of the festival. ... A lot of sponsors want to engage consumers from pre-festival through post-festival. Ford was able to align itself with 'The Road to Bonnaroo' video series. Outside the festival, Ford had a whole are where people could interact with the vehicles.” — Jonathan Azu, executive VP, business development and marketing, Superfly