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Cities Look To Partners For Help
San Diego Union Tribune, December 21, 2008
SAN DIEGO — The anonymous donor who stepped up to save San Diego's shoreline firepits with 18 months of funding became part of a well-established city program regarded by industry experts as a national model for private sponsorships... More

Stressed Advertisers Blow the Whistle on Sports Sponsorship Deals
Wall Street Journal, December 11, 2008
After the housing bubble, the credit bubble and the commodities bubble, could the sports bubble be the next to burst?.. More

Honda Drops Formula One, Blames Auto Industry Slowdown
Los Angeles Times, December 05, 2008
Even as U.S. automobile industry leaders were going hat in hand to Congress, Japan's second-largest automobile manufacturer rocked the motor sports world by dropping its decades-long association with Formula One racing... More

Fore! Woods' split with GM a warning for athletes
Associated Press, November 29, 2008
When Woods ended his nine-year relationship with General Motors Corp. on Monday — a mutual decision between a megawatt celebrity who doesn't need the work and a teetering corporation that needs every penny — it offered yet another snapshot of how badly the American economy has deteriorated... More

Panel Tackles Tour Sponsorship Strategies
Billboard, November 20, 2008
Corporate sponsorships continue to play an important role in the touring industry as various companies partner with artists to reach potential consumers... More

As the Economy Worsens, Is There Money for Play?
New York Times, November 15, 2008
From the “Buick” emblazoned on Tiger Woods ’s golf bag to the Chevrolet Camaro that Cole Hamels drove home last month for being named the most valuable player of the World Series, it is hard to be a sports fan without stumbling across some type of advertisement for General Motors. The company consistently ranks first among advertisers of televised sporting events, outspending other automakers by more than two to one... More

Olympic hopefuls count on rebound
Chicago Tribune, November 09, 2008
The world's economic meltdown is making it tough for London to land enough top-tier sponsors for its 2012 Olympics. It also triggered a downsizing of the athletes' village. And it is forcing the government to help finance the village construction, which was supposed to be a private venture... More

Local partnerships help FECs increase revenue and connect with communities
Funworld, November 01, 2008
FOR YEARS, AMUSEMENT PARKS HAVE ENJOYED THE SPOILS OF CORPORATE SPONSORS. Now, some pioneering family entertainment centers look to these collaborations to boost nontraditional revenues in a tight economy and maybe, more important, strengthen ties in the community... More

Spending on Endurance Sports Rising
Prism Insight, October 30, 2008
Sponsorship spending on endurance sports such as marathons, will grow to $84 million among North American companies this year,according to the IEG Sponsorship Report... More

U.S. sports face weak company spending
Reuters, October 21, 2008
Smaller crowds are only the first domino to fall for U.S. sports leagues, which could see lower corporate spending, flat or declining revenue and stagnant team values in a global recession, analysts said... More

U.S. automakers cut sports ad budgets; Foreign firms play bigger role
The Washington Times, October 19, 2008
Struggling U.S. automakers are slashing advertising budgets, costing major sports leagues and their broadcasters tens of millions of dollars in revenue and support - and foreign automakers increasingly are stepping in to fill the void... More

Why It's No Time to Neglect Cause Efforts
Ad Age, October 13, 2008
BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- You might expect that cause marketing would be the kind of intangible, feel-good advertising to get axed in a recession. Instead, quite the opposite is true, as major marketers, from retailers such as Sears, Target and OfficeMax to package-goods players such as General Mills and P&G, find that cause efforts actually help persuade weary consumers to spend... More

Victory Lane
Best's Review, October 01, 2008
When Carl Edwards took the checkered flag at the Samsung 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway in April, he wasn't the only one enjoying a winning moment. An insurance company shared the glory as millions of NASCAR fans saw the No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion speed into the top spot... More

Firm will tone down 2009 event
The Arizona Republic, September 30, 2008
Corporate entertaining will be toned down, but the title sponsor of the 2009 FBR Open will honor its commitment to the Valley's largest charitable event, despite the financial firm's economic woes... More

PEOPLE: Injury may threaten endorsement deals
Courier-Post, September 18, 2008
He has qualities that make marketers salivate: rugged good looks, three Super Bowl rings and a glamorous lifestyle with a supermodel girlfriend... More

What's In A Name?
Forbes, September 18, 2008
Football purists detest stadiums named after corporations. Who can blame them?.. More

Marketer knows how to play game, from racing to teeing it up for Tiger; Chevy eyes baseball, Buick hits golf, Pontiac looks to NCAA and Cadillac goes for Super Bowl
Advertising Age , September 15, 2008
The link between General Motors Corp. and sports is almost as old as the company itself... More

Diving for Dollars
Advocate, September 10, 2008
All the world fell in love when diver Matthew Mitcham won gold at the Olympics in Beijing. And who could blame them? The blond 20-year-old Australian is incredibly charming... More

Global Tennis Sponsorship Spending Slows In 2008
Reuters, August 29, 2008
Global spending on tennis sponsorships in 2008 is expected to rise at a lower rate than the year before due to the sluggish economy and fallout in the financial services sector, a firm that tracks such spending said on Friday... More

Chevron Puts Brakes to NASCAR Backing
The Globe and Mail (Canada), August 20, 2008
Juan Pablo Montoya, who left Formula One for NASCAR two years ago, will need a new sponsor for 2009 after Chevron Corp. said it would end its backing of his car in the top Sprint Cup Series... More

The Rewards of Olympic Hospitality
Wall Street Journal, August 20, 2008
For General Electric Co., being a big Olympic sponsor isn't only about generating revenue and buffing its public image. The Fairfield, Conn., company also sees Beijing as an exotic venue for wining and dining top-performing employees and important clients... More

Coke Pins China Hopes On Blitz in Beijing
Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2008
Hui Minglian, 38 years old, had never tasted a Coca-Cola before stepping inside the "Shuang," or "Awesome," Zone. The giant pavilion, erected by the soda maker in downtown Beijing, is a place where visitors can watch Olympic events free on big-screen TVs... More

Canadian Business, August 18, 2008
This year's Olympic gold medal is 70 millimetres in diameter and 6 mm thick. It also contains no less than six grams of bullion. Melt it down and it's worth less than $200. But a Canadian athlete good enough to win at the 2008 Beijing Games will pocket $20,000, courtesy of the Canadian Olympic Committee. The medal's real value, of course, might be much more. A winning performance can generate endorsement money down the road. Wheaties, anyone?.. More

Sponsorship Form
The Economist, August 02, 2008
ON ARRIVAL at the gleaming new Terminal 3 of Beijing airport, you may be greeted by China?s most famous sportsmen: Mr Yao, the basketball player, and Liu Xiang, who won gold in the 110-metre hurdles in Athens. They are not there in person, of course, but beam from advertisements for Visa, "the only card accepted at the Beijing 2008 Olympic games"... More

A Blue-Ribbon Crop
Indianapolis Business Journal, August 02, 2008
An economic dry spell may have corporate America praying for rain, but tough times have led to a bountiful year at the Indiana State Fair... More

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