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ImageTrack powered by Kantar Media Estimates True Value of Jersey Sponsorship

November 05, 2012:

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Chicago, Ill. — The NBA Board of Governors’ delay last week in making a final decision on jersey sponsorship means player uniforms will remain logo-free as the season gets underway, and for the foreseeable future.

The most significant issue keeping the league from going ahead with branding on jerseys is determining whether the revenue to be earned from sponsors will be worth raising the ire of fans concerned about commercialism, as well as the issues of adding to sponsor clutter and addressing conflicts between team deals and player endorsements.

Putting the numbers into context
An in-depth analysis by ImageTrack (—a new service for monitoring sponsorship integration and advertising just launched by WPP Group sibling companies IEG Consulting and Kantar Media—sheds light on a key component of the equation: the exposure value of the 2.5-inch-square patch.

Based on the equivalent size NBA Finals patch worn by the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder in June’s championship series, ImageTrack powered by Kantar Media puts the total advertising equivalent value at $165 million from network television alone if the patches had been worn by all teams during the 2011 season.

That figure is just the starting point for analyzing what NBA teams could command from corporate partners if they included jersey ID in a sponsorship package.

“The amount attributable to each team would depend on the frequency of national TV coverage and would be further boosted by coverage in the team’s own local TV market, as well as its progression to and through the playoffs and finals,” said Richard Brinkman, Kantar Media’s Head of KantarSport.

Brinkman added: “The ad equivalent value from all TV—including local—would range from around $5 million for a team not reaching the playoffs to about $34 million for a finalist. Our experience from other sports leagues, such as the English Premier League, shows that value derived from pictures in the press and online is likely to double the TV value generated by each team.”

Sponsorship value vs. exposure value
The next step in determining the true worth of jersey ID is accounting for the exposure value of a logo versus the full commercial message conveyed during an ad spot. According to ImageTrack, the range is from just under $700,000 for a non-playoff team to roughly $5 million for a team in the finals.

But understanding the value of jersey exposure does not mean a team can simply ask a sponsor to write a check for that amount.

The final piece of the value puzzle is the biggest challenge for teams and others selling sponsorship. “The missing link is connecting the dots between the exposure generated and what it is worth to a sponsor as part of a package that includes many other benefits, both tangible and intangible,” said Mark Ording, Vice President, Client Leadership, IEG Consulting.

ImageTrack closes that gap by providing sponsorship fee data from IEG Consulting’s industry database, putting the exposure value in context of what sponsors have determined is the fair market value for associated rights and benefits.

“Assessing the sponsorship value in addition to the exposure value is the only way for sponsorship sellers to establish whether a new benefit such as jersey ID will generate real returns for a corporate partner based on its objectives,” Ording said.

He continued: “It also is the only way to understand whether the corresponding revenue will be worth the resources expended by the team to secure it, not to mention any controversies that could arise among fans and players as a result.”

About ImageTrack powered by Kantar Media
This sophisticated online tool tracks, measures and values broadcast and advertising exposure received by sponsoring brands.

Although analyzing broadcast exposure is not new, ImageTrack introduces a number of game-changing elements that take this component of sponsorship measurement to an entirely new level, making it much more valuable to sponsors and rightsholders.

ImageTrack’s deliverables begin with televised sponsorship exposure data tracked by Kantar Media’s state-of-the-art media measurement software Sportsi™. This allows users to see exactly how much broadcast exposure they earn and what the specific sources of that exposure are. In addition to exposure and audience data, ImageTrack includes two proprietary data sets that no other service can offer.

The first is sponsorship rights fees. Supplied by IEG—the industry’s most trusted source for sponsorship intelligence and analysis—data on each sponsor’s fees gives essential context to media exposure values that are meaningless on their own.

The second is advertising expenditure. Compiled by Kantar Media’s Ad$pender—the gold standard in ad spending reporting—these figures allow for exposure value calculations based on actual expenditures, not rate card estimates.

The addition of this critical information transforms ImageTrack from a single-source media monitor into a multi-dimensional service that accurately documents the value of sponsorship and advertising exposure.

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