Gareth Balch

Gareth Balch
CEO of ESP Properties EMEA and Two Circles

Gareth’s association with ESP Properties began upon the acquisition of his company, Two Circles, where he is CEO.

Two Circles is a London-based sports and entertainment marketing agency that helps organizations build stronger relationships with their customers, fans and audiences. Gareth co-founded the agency with Matt Rogan, now Two Circles’ chairman, in 2011.

Two Circles’ current clients include major soccer leagues, as well as international events, globally distributed TV channels and international Olympic federations.

The agency has won various accolades in the U.K., including recognition from Marketing Week, the Sports Technology Awards, and as the coveted Agency of the Year at the 2014 Sport Industry Awards.

Prior to co-founding Two Circles, Gareth spent his career helping sports organizations grow commercial revenues. Bringing a broad literacy in strategy, CRM, product development, membership, marketing and technology, Gareth has worked with some of the world’s biggest rightsholders, as well as brands such as Etihad, to realize ROI through great customer experiences.

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