Sponsorship spending on associations and professional membership organizations is expected to total $572 million in 2013, up 4 percent from 2012.

Compared to other property sectors, the increase exceeds spending on fairs and festivals (2.9 percent) and the arts (3.3 percent) but lags sports (6 percent), entertainment (5.1 percent) and causes (4.8 percent) as well as the projected 5.5 percent increase for the overall sponsorship industry.

The increase also outpaces the 3.4 percent rise in spending from 2011 to 2012.

Insurance, bank and pharmaceutical companies are the three most active categories sponsoring associations and membership organizations, with Lifetouch, Goldman Sachs and Nestlé the most active sponsors.

Most Active Categories Sponsoring Associations/Organizations

Most Active Categories Sponsoring Associations/Organizations
*Insurance companies are 7.6 times more likely to sponsor associations/membership organizations than the average of all sponsors.

Top Companies Sponsoring Associations/Membership Organizations

Top Companies Sponsoring Associations/Organizations
*Eleven percent of associations/organizations report having Lifetouch or Goldman Sachs as a sponsor.