Properties prospecting for new sponsors frequently overlook one valuable source: media partners.

With advertisers placing more focus on marketing platforms that extend beyond a printed page or radio spot, newspapers, radio stations and other media companies are increasingly looking for one-on-one marketing inventory that can be bundled into advertising packages.

The Marine Corps Marathon in 2012 worked with a Cumulus radio station to secure an auto sponsor for the MCM Event Series, a series of four running events held near Marine Corps Base Quantico.

The radio station sales team identified a local Scion dealer, one of the station’s existing advertisers and a company with a significant military sales program.

MCM organizers provided the sales rep several sponsorship packages to offer the dealer. The packages were priced at a reduced “partner” rate to incentivize Scion to work with the radio station.

“The packages offered the station the opportunity to bring new inventory and special event visibility to an advertiser at a rate that wasn’t available anywhere else,” said Marc Goldman, MCM’s sponsorship/marketing manager.

While MCM provided the package at a discount, the race organizer was able to access a sponsor it did not previously have a relationship with, said Goldman.

“It is always beneficial when you can turn your media partners into an auxiliary sponsorship sales force.”