Purchase Agreement

You are adding an ESP Subscription Bundle to your shopping cart. Your subscription will include the Active Sponsor List. Prior to placing your order, you will need to agree to the following:

ACTIVE SPONSOR LIST AGREEMENT (as part of an ESP Subscription Bundle)

The purchaser (the "Buyer") of the Active Sponsor List (the "Product") agrees to use the Product in accordance with all domestic and foreign copyright, trademark, communication and privacy laws, rules and regulations. The Buyer understands that the Product is not an opt-in list and that ESP Properties in no way warrants it as such. Buyer may not give, sell or transfer the Product or any of the information contained in the Product to any affiliate or subsidiary of Buyer or to any third party, or publish or disseminate any compilation of such information on the Internet or any other computer-networked site accessible by persons or entities other than Buyer, whether now existing or hereafter created, or use such information for any mailing list, facsimile list, telemarketing list, other marketing or research aid or data compilation, or transfer any such information for any commercial purpose prohibited by law.

Buyer understands that because of the nature of the Product, no refunds will be given.

Upon receipt of this order, ESP Properties will send you a copy of this agreement for your records as an attachment to your order confirmation.

Do you understand and agree to the above agreement?