Looking to gain a better understanding of lottery players and how best to engage them, the Colorado Lottery has segmented Coloradoans into ten groups as part of a recent motivational segmentation study.

The study segments Coloradoans into the groups based on their demographic profile, their favorite games, what they dream about winning, pattern of play and the percentage of revenue they represent for the lottery, among other information.

“Living Large Dreamers” represent a younger, hard-working, lower-income, tech-savvy slightly male demographic that dreams of “winning everything.” The segment represents six percent of Coloradoans and 31 percent of Colorado Lottery revenue, the lottery’s largest audience segment in terms of revenue.

Living Large Dreamers


Living Large Dreamers

The lottery is focusing on four other segments to inform its marketing strategy: “Karma-Seeking Dreamers” (13 percent of revenue), “Fun Money Dreamers” (6 percent), “Jump Start Dreamers” (17 percent) and “Retirement-Driven Realists” (5 percent).

The Colorado Lottery is using the research to ensure its sponsorship portfolio aligns with its various audience segments, including events it may not have previously considered.

“We want to talk to all of the segment groups, but we want to make sure that our event portfolio isn’t too heavily focused on one group,” said Marie Valtakis, Colorado Lottery sales and marketing promotions manager.

The Colorado Lottery is also using the research to maximize on-site engagement. That includes using social media to reach “Living Large Dreamers,” a demographic that is an active user of the communication channel, and promoting lottery beneficiaries (parks, trails and open spaces) to “Karma Seeking Dreamers,” a middle-aged, ethnically diverse audience that enjoys the outdoors.

“Karma Seeking Dreamers have the highest favorability of the lottery because we give back to the outdoors. That story will resonate and may convert into a sale,” said Monica Hemmert, associate account director with Cactus Marketing, an agency of record for the Colorado Lottery.