ESP's Guide to Sponsorship

Fundamental information on the fastest-growing form of marketing and how to make it work for you.

The secret to success in the $62.8-billion sponsorship industry is knowing the basic concepts and principles needed every day.

IEG has put the essential elements of sponsorship into a detailed, practical, easy-to-use book that is suitable whether you are just beginning to explore the opportunities sponsorship offers or are already involved in the business.

Sponsors: Get the definitive guide to how and why sponsorship works, what it is worth and how results compare to advertising and sales promotion.

Properties: Understand why companies sponsor, how they gauge return, where the money is going and where your property fits in.

Agencies & Suppliers: Find out what motivates sponsors and properties, how they work with outside resources and what the decision-making process is for each.

IEG's Guide to Sponsorship serves as a valuable training tool for colleagues and staff, as well as support documentation for executives, board members and volunteers. It is equally suited for reading cover to cover as it is for use as a daily reference to answer specific questions that arise.

If you're involved with sponsorship at any level or plan to become involved, you will want to own this guide.