Allstate is considering diversifying its sponsorship portfolio beyond soccer and college athletics to better engage its target consumer.

“One of my big goals, three to five years down the road, is to diverse Allstate’s portfolio beyond sports,” said Dan Keats, Allstate director of consumer marketing.

While sports are appealing for many reasons (appointment viewing, evergreen qualities, the opportunity to tap into a key passion point, etc.), Allstate’s evolving customer base may necessitate a more diversified portfolio, he said.

Going forward, the company looks to engage three targets: Hispanics, multicultural consumers and women, the latter of whom play a key role in most household purchase decisions.

“We reach women through sports, but are we optimizing engagement through our current sponsorships? There are other passion points that might engage women more deeply than college football or the NCAA.”

As such, Allstate is mulling endurance sports, music, family entertainment and other properties that resonate with its target audience.

“Whatever we look at must hold true to our core criteria: Will we engage our target consumer, can we leverage with agents at the local level and can we carve out an ownable position that differentiates us? That’s key for us.”

More Focus On Local Engagement
Allstate is adding new deals and increasing activation around its current portfolio to drive agent engagement at the local level.

The company recently signed a new partnership with the CONCACAF Gold Cup and has signed and/or is finalizing deals with five Major League Soccer clubs: D.C. United, Houston Dynamo, LA Galaxy, Philadelphia Union and the Chicago Fire.

“We want a stronger grassroots presence with our agents and have them be more active with their local youth soccer organizations.”

Allstate also is taking a closer look at its college sports assets to ensure it is maximizing fan engagement. Ties include the Allstate nets program, Allstate Sugar Bowl and media tie-ins (Kirk Herbstreit/ESPN’s College Game Day, etc.).

“We have a lot of key assets. How do we tie them all together to make our brand purpose stand out even stronger, get consumers to think about us more intimately and drive a deeper level of engagement? That’s our challenge.”