The Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t letting the dog days of summer slow down its efforts to engage fans and sponsors.

The MLB team this year partnered with PetSmart, Inc. to create the first-ever season-long dog friendly ballpark. The team accomplished that task by reconfiguring a group sales/picnic area in Chase Field into the PetSmart Patio, an area where dog lovers can bring their dogs to all 13 Sunday home games.

The partnership includes an ice cream cart with dog-friendly ice cream and PetSmart adoption spot where attendees can adopt dogs.

The team sold out PetSmart Patio’s 30 dog friendly suites for the entire season in the first month the tickets went on sale, prompting the team to add five more games with additional games under consideration.

The Diamondbacks are considering expanding the program to potentially half of its home games in the 2017 season.

In addition to giving fans a new way to experience games, the partnership provides another takeaway: the importance of listening in the sponsorship sales process. PetSmart expressed interest in a partnership that benefited pet owners, not just an advertising platform.

“Every sports property is a blank canvas. If you listen to a potential partner about what’s important, you can create anything,” said Cullen Maxey, Arizona Diamondbacks executive vice president of business operations.