As one of the world’s premier properties, the NFL works to ensure that it maximizes its revenue potential as it renews its partnership deals in its home market as well as globally.

Before renewing its deals, the NFL has turned to ESP to provide critical market insights and deal-making intelligence. Our work has included:

  • Assessing the renewal outlook for the incumbent sponsor in major categories such as beer, telecommunications, and mailing and shipping, as well as compiling market intelligence to identify and rank replacement prospects should the incumbent not renew;
  • Strategically reviewing category definitions and hot buttons in response to changing market conditions, industry convergence/consolidation and the availability of new inventory;
  • Preparing briefing books on budgets, objectives, positioning and sponsorship history for the top three to five sponsor prospects per category in countries such as China, Mexico, England, Germany and Canada, in addition to providing competitive intelligence on the sponsorship offerings and fees for the major properties in those markets.

The NFL has relied on ESP to help create and value new assets such as in-game broadcast enhancements, as well as packages that bundle certain benefits together (such as sideline inventory including replay monitors and coaches’ headsets) instead of offering sponsorship identification to each component separately. The result — ESP’s guidance helped the NFL maximize its sponsorship revenue while delivering valuable rights and benefits to partners around the world.

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