Byron Nelson Championship

The Byron Nelson Championship offers one of the highest purses on the PGA TOUR and is one of the top tournaments in terms of donations to charity, raising more than $155 million for children and families in the Dallas area.

ESP has provided tournament organizer, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas, a greater understanding and clear documentation of the worth of its partnership opportunities.

The club sought to gain a better understanding of the actual marketing value of the tournament’s title sponsorship. Leadership sought an outside opinion to help strengthen the club’s negotiating position and determine an asking price that was based on a market-proven, widely trusted valuation methodology. The organizers had the insight to look beyond media impressions to determine worth, recognizing the necessity of capturing the value of the desirable intangible elements of the tournament.

The strength of the Byron Nelson Championship’s intangible elements contributes considerable value to its sponsorship opportunities. In particular, the Salesmanship Club excels at providing meaningful sponsorship activation and collaboration opportunities, as well as significant sponsor support resources and added benefits to sponsors. Additionally, the media coverage, overall awareness and prestige of the Championship further fortify the overall impact of the intangibles.

The tournament used ESP valuations to help secure a new title sponsor and subsequently used its annual ESP Valuation Statement as a post-tournament report to succinctly and accurately assess and demonstrate the value of the benefits received by the title sponsor. By providing a detailed and thorough post-tournament report, the organizers of the Byron Nelson Championship affirm their commitment to ensuring the success of their sponsor.

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