OTT Significance Grows with UEFA Champions League Rights

By Andy Thwaite Mar 10, 2017

OTT Significance Grows with UEFA Champions League Rights

The recent UCL broadcast rights deals in US, UK and Japan showed the growing importance of OTT, to not only niche properties, but major global, “TV first” rights holders too. In Japan, OTT provider DAZN won the rights, outbidding Amazon, in the UK, BT won the rights but with a commitment to broadcast UCL Finals on You Tube and in the US, Turner was successful, with a view to exploiting with a social partner in some way. BAM Tech also bid.

Why is it important?

Firstly, big internet and online media companies are starting to bid for marquee rights and this trend is only going to grow. The good news for properties is this creates increased competition for their rights.

Secondly, traditional broadcasters are starting to work more and more with social networks to exploit their rights. Not long ago that idea would be unheard of because of the broadcaster’s fear it would cannibalize their own revenue. However, the realization that TV audiences continue to fall because of online alternatives can’t be ignored.


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Andy Thwaite

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