The Facebook, Google Digital Duopoly

By Andy Thwaite Jul 6, 2017

The Facebook, Google Digital Duopoly

The digital advertising market is dominated by Facebook and Google, with a reported 85% of new ad dollars going their way this year. Their dominance is based on two things, their scale to reach a massive audience and their data on users to enable targeted ads to them. A recent AdAge article highlighted how large, traditionally competitive publishers are now partnering to try and combat this by combining their audiences and using ad technology to be part of a bigger network that can target users.

Why it’s important?

If the big publishers are struggling to compete with the power of Facebook and Google, what does it mean for rights holders with small, niche audiences? Firstly, properties should focus on digital as an activation platform to enhance sponsorship value and not as a straight media sales opportunity where attracting advertisers is not realistic and value is limited. And, secondly, they need to offer their sponsors exclusive and targeted fan engagement tied to their partnership to negate the argument brands may have to buy targeted audience at scale elsewhere.


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Andy Thwaite

About the Author

Andy is vice president, digital strategy of ESP Properties. He is an experienced sports marketing and media executive, delivering business growth for leading rightsholders, media organizations and brands. Working at the intersection of sports, media and technology, Andy brings unique insights from his experience at the world’s largest seller (IMG) and buyer (WPP) of sport, along with commercial roles at PBR and Turner Sports.



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