TV Led Properties Facing Innovator‘s Dilemma

By Andy Thwaite Jul 24, 2017

TV Led Properties Facing Innovator‘s Dilemma

Fox Sports founder David Hill recently spoke with SBJ where he highlighted a key problem for the industry, that viewer’s consumption habits are changing but sport broadcasts have stayed the same for decades. Rightsholders, whose financial stability relies on Pay TV’s money, are loathed to change the way they do business, though.

Why it’s important?

Sports’ status as the last bastion of appointment viewing on TV maybe true, but for a reducing and increasingly older audience. Millennial and Gen Z fans are more and more unlikely to have Pay TV and have less appetite to watch 3 hour games live. An OTT strategy is needed to combat the former challenge, but reimagining the sports broadcast is still to be addressed.


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Andy Thwaite

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Andy is vice president, digital strategy of ESP Properties. He is an experienced sports marketing and media executive, delivering business growth for leading rightsholders, media organizations and brands. Working at the intersection of sports, media and technology, Andy brings unique insights from his experience at the world’s largest seller (IMG) and buyer (WPP) of sport, along with commercial roles at PBR and Turner Sports.



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