Perspective on IEG Consulting’s Work With Roush Fenway

By Jim Andrews May 23, 2011

One of the tricky things about posting to a corporate blog such as IEG’s is that you don’t want to hijack this—or any other social media—and use it as a platform to promote what the company does. This is a forum for sharing ideas, insights, and observations that people interested in sponsorship will find useful.

However, there are times when something the company does makes for a good blog topic. Or in this particular case, when something the company does sparks a conversation that can be easily and best addressed through a blog post rather than a press release or a 140-character tweet.

IEG Consulting Group client Roush Fenway Racing released the news to Forbes last week that the NASCAR team had hired IEG to provide customized sponsorship measurement programs for its major partners. Both Roush and IEG will be issuing press releases about this alliance in coming days.

The wording of the Forbes story led some in the Twitterverse to the conclusion that IEG was now in the business of selling sponsorship because as part of our work with Roush our consultants have agreed to meet with team sponsor prospects.

As I tweeted in response, that is not the case. The full explanation is that IEG Consulting will work with Roush to help sponsor prospects understand the service that Roush will be providing to them through IEG. That is a far cry from selling sponsorship.

IEG’s property consulting work over the past two-plus decades has always been about providing clients with the tools they need to sell more sponsorship. Providing bespoke measurement services through a property to its sponsors is a new and exciting tool, and requires that IEG interact with a property’s prospects and sponsors, but it does not cross into the realm of representing, brokering or selling a property.

Since we are on the topic, I do believe the arrangement between Roush and my IEG colleagues marks a significant development in property-sponsor relationships—and I would say this if the consultant in question was not IEG: Roush should be commended for investing in helping its partners evaluate their success and bundling in measurement as a benefit. Lots of properties pay lip service to working with their sponsors to help measure ROI, but Roush is putting its money where its mouth is.


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Jim Andrews

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In addition to identifying key trends and delivering his unique insights into the critical issues facing rightsholders and their commercial partners, Jim is the chairman of the Annual Sponsorship Conference, responsible for the program and speakers, as well as hosting and delivering the event’s opening address. He also is responsible for the company’s annual report and forecast of overall sponsorship spending, as well as its compilation of biggest spending companies and annual industry surveys.

A frequent media commentator and guest, Jim has been a featured speaker at hundreds of sports, entertainment and marketing conferences around the world.



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