The Time to Adopt a New Approach to Sponsorship Measurement Is Now

By Jim Andrews Mar 19, 2012

IEG has done a lot of comparing and contrasting of sponsorship to advertising in our 30 year history. And most often sponsorship came out as the more engaging, more relevant, more meaningful way of connecting with audiences.

However, in one important respect, sponsorship now lags far behind the world of traditional media: measurement. Over the past two decades, amazing work is being done behind the scenes on Madison Avenue by a slew of people with advanced degrees in mathematics, research, etc. that is enabling advertisers to pinpoint exactly how their ad dollars are working and how they could be working better.

I’m not talking about looking at Nielsen ratings. This is complex analytics that boggles at least my average mind.

As IEG’s latest strategy paper, “A Sponsorship Measurement Solution: Applying Marketing Science to Evaluating Performance” lays out, our industry is in danger of falling behind the curve if we don’t start applying these same advanced techniques to evaluating sponsorship’s return.

This is not an academic exercise. The plain fact is that if sponsorship is not held to the same measurement standards that are now commonplace for ad campaigns, partnerships of all stripes will be in danger of losing their funding. In an era of accountability, only those budget items that can prove their worth will be left standing, plain and simple.

Check out the case for advanced sponsorship measurement—and see an example of how it made a huge difference in assessing one brand’s major sponsorship—by downloading the paper here.


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Jim Andrews

About the Author

A 30-year sponsorship industry veteran, Jim is responsible for developing and sharing thought-leadership content based on ESP Properties’ groundbreaking work in the areas of sponsorship strategy, valuation, measurement, digital content, data-driven marketing and fan engagement.

In addition to identifying key trends and delivering his unique insights into the critical issues facing rightsholders and their commercial partners, Jim is the chairman of the Annual Sponsorship Conference, responsible for the program and speakers, as well as hosting and delivering the event’s opening address. He also is responsible for the company’s annual report and forecast of overall sponsorship spending, as well as its compilation of biggest spending companies and annual industry surveys.

A frequent media commentator and guest, Jim has been a featured speaker at hundreds of sports, entertainment and marketing conferences around the world.



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Michael Devlin 3/19/2012 5:26 PM
I've been trying to download the full paper, but after filling out the information, it keeps me on the same screen with no action nor download. Any advice. Interested in this paper! Thanks

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