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Vinu Joseph Mar 17

Impu-what? Some More Pre-Conference Fodder

I can’t hope to outdo Diane Knoepke’s excellent treatise on maximizing your IEG Sponsorship Conference experience. Read it, learn it, live it. But, for those like me who suck the life out of any party conversation, I would like to share a bit of helpful info, courtesy of Daniel Menaker, author of A Good Talk: The Story and Skill of Conversation.  more

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Diane Knoepke Mar 16

At Least Fourteen Ways to Up Your R.O.I.: Return On IEG 2010

Before I became an IEGer six years ago, I talked my then employer into sending me to IEG's Annual Sponsorship Conference. Since joining IEG, the event continues to be one of the highlights of my year: a professional defibrillator, a family gathering. There are many attendees and IEGers who have been to many more (or all!) of the 26 IEG Annual Sponsorship Conferences before this one, and who have my six turns heartily beat. With that in mind, I very humbly submit my tips for upping your return on your conference investment.  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 4

State Farm Moving In Smart Sponsorship Direction

As subscribers to IEG Sponsorship Report read earlier this week in our In Depth look at sponsorship from the property/casualty insurance category, State Farm Insurance is undertaking a review of its sponsorship portfolio with an eye toward reducing the total number of properties it is involved with. The purpose of the move is to focus on doing “some things very well, versus doing a lot of things ineffectively,” according to Todd Fischer, the company’s manager of national sponsorships.  more

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Lesa Ukman Nov 12

The Power of Live And Takeaways From ANA Annual Conference

Live events still are flourishing, despite the economy. The Metropolitan Opera released its individual ticket sales figures for the ’09-‘10 season after its opening night: $2.5 million, up $500,000 from last year. Meanwhile, Seattle Opera has sold out its season. Norm Langill’s fantastic Teatro ZinZanni, which just had its 10th anniversary in Seattle, fed and entertained one million people in the last 12 months. Anyone in the business of promoting or sponsoring entertainment and live events needs to experience Teatro ZinZanni, a dinner theater experience that combines circus, comedy and cabaret. With permanent locations in Seattle and San Francisco, its jaw-dropping tent holds 200 people.  more

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Diane Knoepke Aug 18

Four Reasons Your Sponsorships Aren't Selling

The economy. You have a built-in explanation for any drop in performance. So put that net of excuses to good use—go deliver a death-defying high-wire act. You won't die, and you just might be the star. Self-orientation. I'm an only child. And I married an only child. I know all about self-orientation. (See? I’ve used “I” way too many times in this paragraph already.) The good news is that being self-oriented is not the same thing as being self-absorbed or self-centered. The bad news is it's a distinction without a difference in sales. Whether it's trying to sell a program just because you need to fund it, or telling prospects information about your property that they don't need to know to buy the deal, it's not doing you any favors. Don't be an only child at the sales table; be a Gosselin or a Duggar. Those kids know it's not about one of them, the payout is in the assemblage.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jul 29

Strategic Philanthropy – Lee National Denim Day

Each year there are a handful of guest speakers at the IEG Conference that really make an impression on me for a variety of reasons. One of the presentations that stood out to me from the 2009 IEG Conference was a presentation by Liz Cahill, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Lee Jeans, who spoke about Lee National Denim Day. What really impressed me was how the program has evolved since 1996. For a program that is fairly extensive, Lee National Denim Day is supported by a pretty lean staff and budget. Basically, the Lee team internally created and grew the program with a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck and some trial and error. To me, Lee National Denim Day feels authentic, is a great fit with the brand and is a simple concept: wear jeans on a particular day and donate $5. The campaign materials never specify to wear Lee Jeans and the program is more about raising funds to fight breast cancer and less about selling a pair of jeans. With the recent criticism of cause marketing being called “consumption philanthropy”, I would think that the critics would have a harder time finding fault with this program compared to some of the other donation-with-purchase structured programs.   more

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William Chipps Mar 11

Insights from Willie Cone, Executive Producer & Senior Consultant, Event Marketing & Promotions

Industry veteran Willie Cone shared some great sales tips for nonprofits in his presentation Cause Marketing Partnerships: The Real Deal.  more

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Daniel I. Dorfman Mar 11

Wednesday Session Recap from the 2009 IEG Sponsorship Conference

Despite an intense schedule of meetings since Sunday, there was still a lot of energy at the final panels of the IEG Sponsorship Conference Wednesday morning.  more

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Daniel I. Dorfman Mar 10

Tuesday Session Recap from the 2009 IEG Sponsorship Conference

Something that many Americans like to do first thing in the morning is get a jolt of the latest headlines. Therefore, it was a sense of irony the first session of Tuesday’s IEG Sponsorship Conference dealt with media sponsorships.  more

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