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Stacey Goldberg Nov 8

Mommy Tested, Mommy Approved?

As a mom of a toddler and a soon-to-be mom of two (22 days to go but who’s counting?), my attention has turned lately, not surprisingly, to “mommy marketing.” Companies such as Procter & Gamble are all over this trend for brands including Pampers, Tide and Bounce. P&G is focusing on advertorials and Web videos featuring moms in order to spread the word about its products.  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 30

The Difficulty of Cause Marketing in the Age of Social Media

At this point in the Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks era, I doubt there is any company—large or small—that has not found itself the subject of some online discussion that calls into question its behavior, motives, principles, etc.  more

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Lesa Ukman May 21

Why Aren’t Corporate Sponsors Optimizing Search Terms?

Official corporate sponsors of the 2008 and 2010 Olympics failed to optimize social media opportunities by ignoring search engine optimization. Now the official corporate sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup—including Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates and Hyundai/Kia—are missing the boat. All are failing to link their activation to online search terms such as “soccer world cup” and “world cup 2010.” There is a huge volume of traffic surrounding these terms and sponsors have the rights to use them. So why aren’t they optimizing? Why isn’t FIFA advising them to do so?  more

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Lesa Ukman May 20

How Sponsorship Aided The Launch Of New Pampers Brand

At yesterday’s ANA Brand Innovation Conference: Igniting a Brand Movement presented by The New York Times, Jodi Allen, vice president, North America baby care for The Procter & Gamble Co., told attendees that Pampers’ mini online soap opera, A Parent Is Born, grew out of the insight that everyone talks about when a baby is born, but rarely mentions the fact that with each birth of a baby, two parents are born.  more

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Jim Andrews May 17

Interesting Developments At Major Sponsors

(This blog post originally appeared as an opinion column in IEG Sponsorship Report on April 19, 2010.) In recent private conversations with a number of key sponsorship professionals, I picked up the following tidbits that I thought were worth sharing:  more

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Lesa Ukman Apr 27

Festival Sponsors Get Creative With Activation

Festivals are going from strength to strength, especially in Europe. Just one indication of their prominence is the special limited edition jeans Diesel produced for Denmark’s Roskilde Festival. The run of 1,000 jeans are specially treated to deal with mud, wind, rain and other surprises that you might come across during the course of a festival.   more

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Vinu Joseph Apr 1

I Pity the (April) Fool!

As a newshound, I can’t wait for April 2. April 1 seems like a constant cycle of clicking on a link to an interesting article and realizing within a paragraph it’s all a self-indulgent joke—and generally not a very funny one. Note to editors everywhere: The Onion’s on Line 1—you didn’t get the job.  more

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Jon Kander Mar 11

Not Sold on Lewis Hamilton’s Secret Life

Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, and Reebok unveiled an alternate reality game (ARG) yesterday called Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life. Hamilton is the central character in this game, which allows its users to experience a facet of Hamilton’s “life” beyond being a Formula 1 driver. The overall goal of the game is to help Lewis train and prepare to recover priceless artworks, sculptures and manuscripts from thieves. Apparently (or as Reebok would like you to believe), Hamilton is a big “The Thomas Crown Affair” fan and bypassing museum security/stealing priceless artifacts is his secret passion.  more

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Jim Andrews Mar 3

Paid, Owned And Earned: Sponsorship Delivers All Types Of Media

(This blog post originally appeared as an opinion column in IEG Sponsorship Report on Feb. 2, 2010) During a meeting with folks from the media buying world in New York, I was introduced to the idea of categorizing media into one of three buckets: paid, owned and earned. While those descriptors are fairly self-explanatory, Forrester Research has developed definitions for each that are very helpful to those who want to explore the idea in greater depth.  more

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